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Private Sewage Disposal


To reduce the incidence of disease transmission, disease organisms and nuisances through the disposal of sewage to properly designed, constructed and operated sewage disposal.

What is “Private Sewage Disposal”?

Any sewage handling or treatment facility receiving domestic sewage from less than 15 people or population equivalent and having a ground surface discharge or any sewage handling or treatment facility receiving domestic sewage and having no ground surface discharge.

How Does the McDonough County Health Department ensure the effectiveness and safety of private sewage disposal?

  • Provides information on Procedures to Install/Renovate a Private Sewage Disposal System.
  • Private Sewage Disposal Permits: Performs a plan review of the Private Sewage Disposal Plan Application, a site evaluation and inspection of new or renovated systems.
  • Inspects septage haulers.
  • Subdivision Plat Approval: Performs inspection of plats to be subdivided upon request of the McDonough county Plat Officer to determine if the private sewage disposal system is in compliance with the Private Sewage Licensing Act and Code or if a private sewage disposal system can be constructed on the site.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Inspects private sewage disposal systems at rural properties upon request.
  • Percolation Tests: May perform soil percolation tests.
  • Complaint Investigations: Investigates complaints regarding wastewater and sewage in McDonough County.
  • Education: Presentations and information provided to schools, organizations and the public.

For more information please call 309-837-9951.